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19 May 2017,    
PressReader to offer all you can eat digital news and magazines on Bell Mobility with 6,000 titles.

Is this major market announcement Bell Mobility is now offering all their customers access to 6,000 newspapers and magazines available on PressReader to their subscribers for $10 per month. This is not a surprise as Rogers Media’s Texture digital magazine solution offers access to 200+ magazines for $14.99/mo for unlimited access has an estimated 100,000 subscribers and we all know how competitive Bell and Rogers are, just ask their sports departments. PressReader is based in Vancouver and works with  thousands of publishers in over 100 countries. Readers can browse newspapers and magazines on their web platform or download them to a smartphone or tablet using the PressReader app. 




The publications available via the Press Reader App or website have an international flavour with a strong Canadian presence with 550 newspapers and magazines as you can get the National Post, Vancouver Sun, Toronto Star, Le Devoir, Hockey News, and Elle. The Guardian, The Washington Post, Forbes and news content from mainland China are highlights of the international content available. There are 3,000+ daily newspaper titles, 2,900+ magazine titles and content in 60+ languages.




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