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23 August 2017,    
The Globe and Mail is going all in with digital for Atlantic Canada

The news media as we all now is going under a transformation and it was reported in a Canadian Press wire story that the Globe and Mail will stop printing its newspaper in Atlantic Canada on November 30. These changes are not expected as the news media makes changes to their business model with the growth of online readership. According to the report the savings are estimated at a million dollars a year and will be reinvested in adding more journalists to the stable of writers.

The Globe and Mail has hired Jessica Leeder to cover Atlantic Canada and a reporter in California to cover primarily U.S. politics from a West Coast perspective.

   Publisher Phillip Crawley said in the Canadian Press story, “This is not in any way saying print is dying, we believe print’s got a lot of value for us for years to come. Print advertising and print subscriptions are still a big chunk of our revenue base.” The Globe and Mail website has also undergone changes with a metered paywall to increase digital subscriptions during this transformation and have plans for a new app this fall.

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