Munchkin Media Group Launches New COVID Guide to Responsible Gathering This Summer:

Shifts narrative from “stop gathering” to “if you are going to gather, gather responsibly; here’s how”.

TORONTO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--A year ago, then 22 year old Lauren Holmes saw a spike in social media activity leading up to the May 24 long weekend showing youth in Ontario partying in large groups that was clearly not in line with social gathering restrictions in place at the time. In response, through her idea agency, Munchkin Media Group, she launched, the first national initiative dedicated to helping stop the spread of COVID-19 by raising awareness of responsible partying behavior among young adults 19+ while social gathering restrictions were in place.

Now, twelve months later with the pandemic still raging, vaccinations being added to the mix, and the summer “high season” for social contact among young adults nearly upon us once again, Lauren is launching a new initiative,, aimed at the broader and now bigger issue (relative to the spread of COVID-19) of “gatherings” vs “parties” among young adults.

“If your province or region is under a stay-at-home order or in a lockdown, the most responsible way to gather is not to gather at all. If your province or region is not under a stay-at-home order or in a lockdown then as a young adult you are probably wondering how you can gather responsibly under whatever restrictions are in effect”, commented Ms. Holmes. provides simple and easy to digest do’s and don’ts as to how to gather responsibly in a positive and engaging manner.

“Social media is clearly showing that young adults know they can’t do the big party thing at this point, and that they are shifting to planning smaller gatherings for the May 24 weekend and throughout the summer. Messaging needs to adapt to this shift and give guidance to young adults as to how to gather responsibly in an environment where with vaccinations progressing through the summer, there may be a tendency to let their guard down when they really cannot”, continued Ms. Holmes.

About Munchkin Media Group

Munchkin Media Group is an idea agency launched in 2018 by Lauren Holmes with four areas of focus (Munchkin Media, Munchkin Marketing, Munchkin Publishing and Munchkin Concepts). Initiatives have included the launch of, and the Canadian Student-Athlete Association.


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